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Crisis in Israel Brings Heartache and Political Challenges Here at Home

by JCRC Director David Cohen
June 2021 Issue of “The Reflector”

When hostilities increase in Israel, our hearts go out to our friends and family who have endured these repeated escalations.  We also care deeply for any loss of life in the region and mourn for all those who get caught i…

A Jewish Community Brokenhearted and Worried - Richmond Times Dispatch

Published in the Richmond Times Dispatch, May 28th 2021
By Ellen Renee Adams and Daniel Staffenberg

Richmond’s Jewish community has watched the situation in Israel and Gaza with sadness, empathy and trepidation. The suffering of innocent Israelis and Palestinians is unacceptable. We rema…

Escalation in Israel

The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond stands in solidarity with Israel as rockets continue to rain down on the Jewish State from Gaza. 

We mourn for those killed and pray for the swift healing of those injured. We call on the Palestinian Authority to end its ongoing incitement of…

Defining Antisemitism and Anti-Israelism

(Published in the May 2021 Issue of “The Reflector”)

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Anti-Semitism has recently come under fire and just his year two alternative definitions have been released.  The Nexus Document, and the much more widely…