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Deconstructing Springsteen: Jewish Inclusion Today

Jewish Inclusion - from Shushan, to Egypt, to Today

Much has been made about the recent Super Bowl ad that features Bruce Springsteen and a chapel in the geographical center of the country.  The chapel serves as a metaphor for the political middle where all Americans can come and put our p…

JCFR/JCRC 2021 Advocacy Agenda

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Sharing Our Democracy

(Published in the February 2021 Issue of “The Reflector”)

With our recent inauguration just behind us, and the images and shock that we are left with from January 6th, one phrase among all the speeches and commentary stood out more than any others.  It was a description of something o…

JCFR Statement on Violence at the United States Capitol Building

The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond strongly condemns the violence at the United States Capitol Building - an assault on our democracy.
We pray for the safety of our elected officials, law enforcement professionals, and all others who are working to preserve peace and security a…

From the National to the Local

Published in the January 2021 Issue of “The Reflector”

For much of the past year, our focus has been on the national landscape.  The global pandemic and the presidential election, understandably, had us concerned with our national leadership and a crisis that the entire world was facin…