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Renewing Our Relationships, Presenting Our Advocacy Issues

Connecting with and forming relationships with our legislators – and our local and statewide officials – is a year-round emphasis of our JCRC work.

In Virginia, as our legislative session approaches and runs for just a few months, it takes even more of a center stage.

Last month we had…

From the Center, Advocating for All: Fighting Antisemitism from All Sides

As we at JCRC prepare for another season of political advocacy there is certainly an awareness of the interesting times we are in.

Recent Elections
Our Governor, Attorney General, and Speaker - along with the Majority of Virginia’s Delegates will be of a different party.  And yet, that r…

How We Define Success, and How We Define Community

by David Cohen, DIrector of Jewish Community Relations
Published in the November edition of "The Reflector"

One enduring aspect of our Jewish community reality in 2021 is a perceived sense of conflict and tension.  It is often these concepts we focus on rather than commonalities and the wo…

JCRC Condemns BDS Vote at Virginia Tech

The JCRC of the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond unequivocally condemns the BDS resolution recently passed by the Graduate and Professional Student Senate of Virginia Tech.

We stand firmly in support of the Jewish students and staff of Virginia Tech and we affirm their desire - and r…