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Mayor Stoney participates in Mayors Antisemitism Summit with JCRC reps

Contact the Jewish Community Relations Committee (JCRC) Director, Basya Gartenstein on +1(203)606-1446/bgartenstein@jewishrichmond.org via Whatsapp during this period or post 12/8 directly on the number listed.
To reach local staff, contact the CEO of the J…

JCRC Statement on Kennedy v. Bremerton

The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond and its Jewish Community Relations Committee (JCRC) join numerous other Jewish organizations in expressing deep concern over the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday in Kennedy v. Bremerton.
The Court held that a public high school coach could …

Identity, Race, and the Importance of Sharing our Stories

(Published in the March 2022 Issue of “The Reflector”)
Written by David Cohen, Director of Jewish Community Relations

The recent controversy over Whoopi Goldberg’s comments regarding Jews and race – along with the Jewish communal reaction – is as much about the way many in the bl…

Lessons from Colleyville / The Right Time for Action on Antisemitism

(Published in the February 2022 Issue of “The Reflector”)

Beyond the clear lessons from Colleyville on security, vigilance, and preparedness – the most enduring lesson may be on how Antisemitism framed around Israel has a direct, and real impact on the American Jewish community.