CEO Update

CEO May 2015 Update

We Welcome New Leaders 

Last summer I was accepted into Leadership Metro Richmond, the region’s community leadership development organization. It has been my pleasure to participate in the Leadership Quest Class of 2015.


Leadership Quest connects a diverse group of 65 community l…

CEO April 2015 Update

We can stop the spread of this madness


In the summer of 1966, my Uncle Lou Jacobi took me to see a movie at the Lowe’s Movie Theater in Manhattan. It was a great experience for a pre-teenager to go with his uncle – the movie actor – to go to see something on the silver screen. But…

CEO March 2015 Update

European Anti-Semitism on the rise, actions taken


The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond is shocked and grieved following the attacks on the Krystalgade Synagogue and the cultural center in Copenhagen that has left at least two people dead - including Dan Uzan, a Jewish volunteer s…

CEO February 2015 Update

Lone Wolves or an International Terrorism Network? 


On Friday July 28, 2006, a man entered the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and opened fire. He killed one member of the staff and injured 5 others. The SCN network – a Jewish Federations of North America sponsored email alert …

CEO January 2015 Update

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” 


This old thought experiment may well be familiar. It’s supposed to perplex and confuse us. It’s supposed to be unanswerable.


This question can be construed as a sleight of hand made of wo…