CEO Update

CEO October 2015 Update

Change is Constant in the Jewish World

Since I have a September birthday, I have often shared my birthday with a more solemn occasion. This year my birthday, again, falls on Yom Kippur. So, I will have an introspective birthday and will have to wait to have a birthday dinner on the weekend.…

CEO September 2015 Update

The Spirit of Our Community is Saving Lives

I recently heard G-d is often found in the people who help you in times of trouble. I witnessed this during the summer when I was hospitalized. Healthcare providers helped me and others when the chips were down.
In a book written by Rabbi Morris M…

CEO August 2015 Update

We Must Be Vigilant in Protecting Israel


In the coming weeks, we will have more information on our website, in the e-news and Reflector, regarding the Iran Accord and the responses. We plan to have a JCRC Community Forum and details will be shared with the community. We will be vigilant…

CEO July 2015 Update

Richmond Delegation Sees First-Hand, War-Torn Jewish Ukraine 


I had planned to go on a Mission to the Ukraine, June 14-18, with four other Richmonders but an accident in May forced me to cancel. I am pleased to report to the community our Richmond delegation of Mark Sisisky, Richard Sa…

CEO June 2015 Update

A time to celebrate and take stock  of our accomplishments 

On May 24 and 25, we celebrated the holiday of Shavuot. We rejoice in the spring harvest and are reminded when we work with the Lord’s blessings, we can accomplish great things. It also is a time when we celebrate, again, the …