CEO Update

CEO March 2016 Update

BDS Unmasked

The issue of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel was recently covered in an Op Ed commentary piece in the Richmond Times Dispatch and is being debated within many governments, universities, professional associations, and state legislatures. We have to ask why? What is …

CEO Update February 2016

Richmond Jewish Coalition for Literacy, ‘heroes’ for 18 years

In 2016, we celebrate the Richmond Jewish Coalition for Literacy’s 18th year and its wonderful efforts to promote literacy in our community.  RJCL has developed a cadre of devoted literacy volunteers who share at least one…

CEO January 2016 Update

Do Good Everywhere. From Anywhere.

During this holiday season, we celebrated the miracle of Chanukah. In 2016, there’s still time to create Chanukah miracles, even without leaving your kitchen. 

As we settle into the new year and look forward to Spring, we reflect upon the far-reac…

CEO December 2015 Update

Israel and the Free World Are Fighting a New Brand of Terrorism

Golda Meir is known as one the great transformational leaders of the Jewish people. In 1948, Prime Minister Ben Gurion sent Golda to the United States to raise money for the new State of Israel. She came to Federation board roo…

CEO November 2015 Update

I’m optimistic … and can’t live any other way.

Over the past few weeks, we have read report after report on the escalation of violence in Israel. The unpredictable nature of the current situation has forced every Israeli to worry about their personal security and that of their friends…