I need scripts to make calls.

We understand it can be intimidating, here are scripts that will help you get started.

I need more information about the impact the Federation makes in our community.

It's hard to remember everything that we do in our community, so if you need the information here's a slide deck that will help you give more information to donors.

What do I do if someone wants to make a pledge?

Fill out this form while you're on the phone with the donor.

I'm done with my packet what do I do now?

Fantastic! Email back Rebecca Spivey, Database & Campaign Operations Manager your packet and if you want to do more, let her know that as well!

What if a donor has questions about billing?

Direct all billing questions to our accounting department.

I don't want to use my personal telephone number to make calls.

We understand and Google Voice is a great and free option to use!

I've run out of call packets and want to make more calls!

Great! Contact Rebecca Spivey, Database & Campaign Operations Manager and she'll get you a new packet!

I want to spread the word to my friends and family to encourage them to donate.

Sharing our website and social channels to your friends and family is a great way to let them know about the great work that we are accomplishing as a community and we encourage you to do so.