5 2020

Partnership 2Gether - An Interactive Online Passover Seder

12:00PM - 2:00PM  

Partnership 2Gether - An Interactive Online Passover Seder

In these days when we need to keep fiscal distance from each other, more than ever, we need to stay connected.
Join us on April 5th - bring your Matza and enough wine for four glasses – to celebrate an interactive online Passover Seder with people from all over our Partnership who are forced to stay home. 2Gether we will bring to life the holidays symbols and sing the Haggadah songs. 

After Seder, we are excited to welcome Yonina, an Israeli-American musical duo.
About Yonina
"Yonina” (a combination of our names -Yoni and Nina Tokayer) began from the moment we met, on a beautiful balcony in Tzfat, Israel. We had both been pursuing music our entire lives, and once we met we began dreaming about making music together.
In September of 2017 we released our debut album, "Emet Pshuta" (Simple Truth), with original hit songs like “Ahava”, “Rega Mechuvan”, “Seriously” and “Shir Shel Boker”. For the past three years we’ve been performing throughout Israel, the US and Europe, in both large-scale concerts and private events. Currently, we’re working on our second album and continuing to write & record music, perform and produce music videos.

Join us on Zoom:      https://zoom.us/j/3702605205