1 2020

Beth El Hot Topics: Politics is for Power

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

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Guest Speaker Eitan Hersh

In his new book, Politics is for Power: How to Move Beyond Political Hobbyism, Take Action, and Make Real Change, political science professor Eitan Hersh diagnoses
the problem of citizens spending an hour or more every day consuming news and politics on social media but no time working in civic and political organizations to empower their
values. Hersh juxtaposes shallow forms of engagement (“political hobbyism”) with inspiring stories of volunteer organizers from different parts of the political world who got into the trenches of political activity. Through empathy, trust-building, and persistence, these volunteers
escaped the melancholy of spinning their wheels on political hobbyism to make a difference in the world. Read more.

Eitan Hersh is an associate professor of political science at Tufts University. His research and teaching focus on civic participation and the relationship between laws, political strategies, and the behavior of voters. Hersh earned a PhD from Harvard University in 2011 and served on the faculty of Yale University from 2011-2017. Hersh is also author of Hacking the Electorate (Cambridge University Press, 2015) and numerous scholarly articles. His public writings have appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe, FiveThirtyEight, and other news outlets. Hersh has served as an expert witness in federal court cases on topics related to voting rights and voter registration, and he has testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary regarding the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Moderated by Rabbi Knopf

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