Tasty, Tempting Tomes Available at Swansboro Readers Café

Where can you find giggles, gaffs and garlic all mixed together? Just one visit to The Swansboro's Readers' Café will provide you with enough hooplah, humor, and maybe hotdogs until you can¹t wait to return for more!
The Swansboro's Readers' Café consists of groups of excited young readers led by an equally enthused adult that meet once a week during lunch time to share reading a really good book.  The children cannot wait until Café time rolls around and oftentimes the adult leader has to pull rank and end a session to cries of "Just one more page, please!"

Needless to say, The Swansboro's Readers' Café has proven to be one of the most popular activities hosted by The Richmond Reading Coalition of the Federation's Richmond Jewish Coalition for Literacy (RJCL). Funded by a generous grant from First Book, Inc., The Swansboro's Readers' Café provides students an opportunity to simply relax and enjoy a book with friends. There are no SOL objectives, no quizzes, no spelling tests, just reading, laughing, and sharing with buddies who also enjoy reading a good book. The Swansboro's Readers' Café has proven to be a vehicle for even the most timid student to find a voice.

There are many more students who could benefit from a chance to participate in The Swansboro's Readers' Café. You may want to consider sponsoring a group. Children are ages nine through eleven and meet once a week during lunchtime. (You select a day that's works with your schedule!) Books are provided. Giggles, gaggles, and warm fuzzies are all yours to keep! The RJCL welcomes all volunteers. No teaching experience is necessary, just a sense of fun.

Please consider joining.


For more information contact Sara Rosenbaum Director of Operations at (804)545-8629 or srosenbaum@jewishrichmond.org, or Diane Munsey at (804)545-8654 or dmunsey@jewishrichmond.org.

The RJCL program at Swansboro is supported by the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond.


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