RJCL Donates Books to Students at Swansboro

This year, the Richmond Jewish Coalition for Literacy (RJCL) decided to use program funds that would have been spent on catering for mentor appreciation events to bring an exciting program to Swansboro Elementary School.

Thanks to the leadership of the mentor group, and a generous grant from the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, the RJCL purchased a book for every child at Swansboro as part of the "Go Read" program.   Each child at Swansboro received "Superfudge" by Judy Blume as part of a school-wide book distribution.  During a three-week period in March, all students read "Superfudge" and completed age-appropriate activities related to the book's content. 

Mrs. Wilder, the Media Specialist at Swansboro, shared her feelings about this program, "I am just bubbling over with excitement and joy...You have been a blessing to Swansboro and all of this is because you embraced my dream and made it a reality for the children - Thank you from the depths of my heart."  
Team captain Claudia Biegler noted, "It was a real special program and all of the kids were excited and enthusiastic about the book!"


For more information contact Sara Rosenbaum Director of Operations at (804)545-8629 or srosenbaum@jewishrichmond.org, or Diane Munsey at (804)545-8654 or dmunsey@jewishrichmond.org.

The RJCL program at Swansboro is supported by the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond.


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