Richmond Jewish Coalition for Literacy

RICHMOND JEWISH COALITION FOR LITERACY (RJCL) RJCL works with students at Swansboro Elementary School with the goal of enabling these children to become more secure in their learning.

Tasty, Tempting Tomes Available at Swansboro Readers Café

Where can you find giggles, gaffs and garlic all mixed together? Just one visit to The Swansboro's Readers' Café will provide you with enough hooplah, humor, and maybe hotdogs until you can¹t wait to return for more!

Readers Café' is a New RJCL Program at Swansboro

Last year at Swansboro Elementary a few RJCL volunteers tested a new program called Readers Cafe'. It is designed to be like "Oprah's Book Club!" but reading with a small group of students during their lunch period.

RJCL Donates Books to Students at Swansboro

This year, the Richmond Jewish Coalition for Literacy (RJCL) decided to use program funds that would have been spent on catering for mentor appreciation events to bring an exciting program to Swansboro Elementary School.