New Registration Process for Birthright Trips

There is a new way for Richmond participants to pre-register for Taglit Birthright trips. You can pre-register for winter or summer seasons through the Birthright application.

Go to and click on the yellow button on the far right that says "Pre-Register Now.” The pre-registration process will be helpful to quantify how many people are interested in the winter and summer trips. However, it does not allow Birthright to track which specific trips young adults are interested in, so it is important to fill out the forms with the referral code. The code is Richmond.

This is helpful because you will automatically receive an email from Birthright as soon as registration opens reminding you to complete the registration process. Once registration opens, use the same information for pre-registration to log into your application and then complete the application similarly to a regular season. 

Registration opens for the winter season on Tuesday, Sept. 8 at 10:00 AM.  Registration for summer 2016 will open in February. There will no longer be an early registration date for past applicants because of this new  pre-registration process.

For more information, contact Sara Rosenbaum at 804-545-8629 or email

See you in Israel! 


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