Network JCFR Holds Happy House with a Cause

Young leadership cabinet member Ashley Noel knows how successful happy hours work, so she decided to implement some social justice right into one of Network's most popular programs. 

Noel partnered with the Feedmore food bank, and with the help of our crowd of over 30, we were able to bring in well over 80 items of food to be donated! The gang met at the Southern Railway Taphouse on Wednesday, November 4, to have a good time for a good cause. 

It also marked the first Network JCFR program under new Young Adult Organizer Jesse Feld. When asked how he thought it went, Feld answered, “What a fantastic night! I am lucky to have such motivated leaders as a part of our Young Leadership Cabinet.” 

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Mon., November 23, 2015, 7 - 9:00 PM 

Doni Fogel will speak about his time spent in Gaza while fighting in the IDF. Dinner will include classic Israeli meal with falafel, Israeli salad, pita and hummus and more!

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