Engaging in Federation's Mission

My passion for Federation is rooted deeply from childhood, growing up in an Israeli-American home in Baltimore, very close to my grandmother who was a Holocaust survivor and among a family who was very active in the Jewish community in Baltimore and also in Israel. I am so grateful for this pride in my heritage given to me by my family.  

Even in my busy life with my husband, raising three amazing sons, and working outside the home, it remains important to me to stay connected and engaged in the critical mission of the Federation here in Richmond and abroad. This mission not only ensures the prosperity of our people, but also gives the same gift to my children that I received by watching the passion and pride of my family. Engaging in Federation is our way of taking care of our community locally and worldwide. 

Sara Villalona is a JCFR Board Member, Executive Committee Member, and Outreach and Engagement Chair. She was also involved with JCFR’s Young Adult Division as past Campaign Chair. She is active with the Weinstein JCC where she is a Board Member and Vice President. She is a past Board Member of the Virginia Holocaust Museum.




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