60 DAYS OF IMPACT to Launch at Grand Event - JCFR Celebrating 80 Years!

The JCFR will launch 60 DAYS OF IMPACT, an intensive, two-month awareness and fundraising initiative Wednesday., Oct. 7, 5:30 p.m., at its 19th Annual Grand Event. The Grand Event will feature guest speaker Bret Stephens, a deputy editorial page editor and principal columnist on foreign affairs for the Wall Street Journal. 

It will be held at the Virginia Historical Society, 428 N. Boulevard, Richmond.  

During 60 DAYS OF IMPACT, the Federation will highlight the many ways it continues to strengthen the Jewish community and how – for 80 years – it continues to play a pivotal role as the central address for the Richmond Jewish community. 

“The goal of 60 DAYS OF IMPACT is to generate awareness and enthusiasm about JCFR’s work, and assist in raising over $3 million for the 2016 Jewish Federation Annual Campaign,” said Federation CEO Samuel H. Asher. “The Annual Campaign supports those in need locally, in Israel and around the globe. We invite community members to learn more about it at our Annual Grand Event, follow our progress online, hear the stories about the people in your community who make an impact, and most important … get involved.” 

Each week, for eight weeks, the initiative will feature individuals whose lives are changed by Federation. Those featured are volunteers who assist the Federation in its role of providing to the community through the themes: Giving, Leading, Educating, Partnering, Engaging, Inspiring, Building and Volunteering. We will also feature stories of those in need that directly benefit from the work of these volunteers and of Federation. The patchwork of stories are moving, educational, even surprising. 

The Federation will emphasize the catch phrase ‘60 Days, 3 Ways’ with three ways to give during the 60 DAYS OF IMPACT initiative. Community members can donate, volunteer or engage. It will include stories online and on social media. Community members can help Federation by simply ‘liking’ us on Facebook and sharing these stories. Find us on Facebook or on Twitter (#60DaysJCFR).”

By donating to the Federation, you can change lives locally and globally through a gift to the JCFR’s Annual Campaign, which builds community, cares for the welfare of Jews everywhere, and maximizes participation in Jewish life.

People also can make an impact by investing your time, making thank you or solicitation calls at Super Sunday on Dec. 6, 9 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., joining a committee, or becoming a campaigner.

Finally, community members can engage in Federation by attending an event to explore leadership opportunities, hop on one of our upcoming journeys to Israel, or participate in a mission to one of the many crisis areas around the world where Jews in need depend on our help for their existence.  

Asher added, “Too often we hear, ‘What does Federation do?’ ‘How can I help those around the world?’ ‘How can I make an impact?’ Federation, through your support of the Annual Campaign and through its agencies, programs and services, makes it possible to make a difference in the lives of those in need. If you consider the tragic, ongoing events in Syria, and throughout other hotspots of the world, you will be moved to help. We are too. Now, and more poignantly during our 80th year anniversary, we are honored to be part of this thriving and caring Jewish community. We thank you for your support of the Annual Campaign and invite you to help us ‘Make an Impact’ during these 60 Days and beyond.”

For more information, and to see all of our stories about 60 Days of Impact, go to JewishRichmond.org/60days or #60DaysJCFR after the Grand Event. 

Stephens was awarded the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Commentary for “his incisive columns on American foreign policy and domestic politics, often enlivened by a contrarian twist.” He is responsible for the international opinion pages of newspaper. He also writes “Global View,” the paper’s weekly foreign-affairs column, and is a member of the Journal’s editorial board. He is a regular panelist on The Journal Editorial Report, a weekly political talk show broadcast on Fox News Channel.

The evening will begin at 5:30 p.m. with a private cocktail reception and dinner followed by the Grand Event with Bret Stephens at 7:30 p.m.  

Tickets for the private cocktail reception and dinner are $100 per person. There is no charge for the Grand Event lecture with Bret Stephens beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Additional details on the Grand Event will be communicated via Federation e-newsletters and direct mail.
To RSVP, contact Ellen Moncure at (804) 545-8625 or email emoncure@jewishrichmond.org


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