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Check out our Jewish Community Map! Enjoy visiting these places around town.

New or "New-ish" to Richmond?  


We are glad you are here, and let us be the first to say - WELCOME! Shalom Richmond, a program of the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, was created to seamlessly welcome you as the newest members of the Richmond Jewish Community.


The diversity represented through programs, synagogues, schools and activities in the Richmond Jewish Community are guaranteed to foster opportunities for you to find others with similar interests to share experiences.


Recently decided to relocate to Richmond? Where do you start with your relocation process? From deciding where to live and exploring your new community, we have the answers! Call us at 804-285-6500, and we'll help you get started.

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If you’re new or “newish” to the Richmond Jewish community, contact Sara Rosenbaum our Director of Community Impact and Planning at or by calling 804-545-8629.