Public Statement: The Passing of Elie Wiesel

The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond mourns the death of author, Nobel laureate and human rights activist Elie Wiesel, of blessed memory.

His story – a Romanian boy who survived the darkest atrocities of history to become a thinker, writer and stand bearer for the meaning of humanity – is an inspiration.

Elie Wiesel spent time with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chief Rabbis and leaders of all faiths. He towered over the horrors of his past and taught peace. The world – and our community – has lost a hero.

“Elie Wiesel rose from the ashes of the Holocaust to become one of the world’s foremost human rights activists. An indomitable spirit, he transcended hatred to teach peace and from the world’s darkest shadow he shined a light teaching shared sacred humanity. His memory is and always will be a blessing,” said Richard S. Samet, co-Chair of the Jewish Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond.

WTVR covered the passing of Wiesel with this story


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