JCRC Thanks Gov. Youngkin

The Virginia Jewish communities express appreciation for the inclusion of supplementary funding for security and Holocaust education in Governor Youngkin's budget proposal (press release linked below). We look forward to working with the Governor and General Assembly to see these proposals implemented and funded. 
The surge in antisemitism, both on a local and global scale, has necessitated substantial investments by Jewish institutions to fortify their facilities. With antisemitic threats and attacks experiencing a significant increase since the October 7th attack on Israel, the urgency for heightened security measures has become even more pronounced. Allocating additional funds for security grants and facilitating direct access for non-profits will ensure that institutions serving Jewish and other threatened communities can effectively safeguard our collective well-being.
Moreover, due to the historic rise in antisemitism, it is paramount that we never forget the atrocities of the Holocaust. The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond is especially grateful for the sustained funding for the Virginia Holocaust Museum, a crucial institution for commemorating historical events and educating the people of Virginia.
Governor Youngkin, we extend our gratitude for prioritizing the safety and security of Virginia's Jewish population and institutions, and for your investment in Holocaust education.


Click here to read the December 11th press release from the Office of the Governor.