JCRC Statement on Recent Violence in Israel

On Sunday, two Israeli civilians were shot and murdered in an act of terror near the Palestinian village of Hawara. In response, sections of Hawara were set on fire in an act of arson by a group of vigilante settlers. These fires raged through homes, buildings, and incinerated over 40 cars in the village. At least one Palestinian has been murdered and over one hundred injured. We join Israeli President Herzog’s call for a de-escalation of violence, and urge Israeli law enforcement to ensure that those involved in the Huwara violence are held accountable.


The Jewish Community Relations Committee of JCFR is committed to the safety, dignity, and well-being of all populations living in Israel and the West Bank. All residents of Israel and the West Bank deserve to live in peace and security. 


An Israeli-American citizen was killed in a terror shooting yesterday. We condemn those responsible for the violence ensuing in Israel and the West Bank in the strongest terms. Violence begets violence and hate begets hate.


The settlers carrying out these attacks have called for “revenge.” At the heart of a desire for revenge is the need for retribution and a desire for accountability. We, therefore, urge the IDF to protect with equal measure all residents of Israel and the West Bank (in which Israel has jurisdiction). We support policies that further a two-state solution - we must remain accountable to this standard. These acts of terrorism undermine such goals.


As Israeli-Arabs and Palestinian Muslims in Israel and the West Bank enter the period of Ramadan on March 22, we encourage a time of peace and freedom of worship. May the memories of those lost forever be a blessing and may they be bound in life eternal.


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