JCFR Stands with the Texas Jewish Community

January 15th, 2022
Shabbat is the holiest day for Jews worldwide. A time of rest, spiritual connection, togetherness and joy.
This Shabbat, the Jewish Community of Colleyville, Texas was attacked and hostages taken at Congregation Beth Israel.
The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, its Jewish Community Relations Committee and the Richmond Council of Congregational Rabbis stand in solidarity with the Texas Jewish community. We pray for a swift and safe resolution to the ongoing situation.
This is a sobering reminder that we must combat Antisemitism and hate in all forms.
Jewish Community Federation and Secure Community Network Regional Security Director Dave Brackins is in touch with national and local law enforcement and Richmond Jewish institutions and continues to monitor the situation. There are no perceived threats to the Greater Richmond Jewish community at this time.
Dave Brackins serves as the lead security professional for our community, available to support, train and enhance the security infrastructure of our Synagogues, agencies, and entire Jewish community. To review your institutions’ security plans, arrange for personalized training or learn more and support the effort to strengthen our communal security please contact Dave at Dbrackins@Jewishrichmond.org or 804-545-8660.
We sincerely hope the situation will end safely and peacefully for all involved and are grateful to the law enforcement professionals who are working to do so.
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