On International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today, as we join communities around the globe in remembering the horrors of the Holocaust, we also recall the strength and resilience of our people. We honor the memory of those lost, and the strength of the 80,000 survivors living in the United States, by redoubling our commitment to create a brighter future and care for those in need.

We join together with our friends, allies, service agencies and partners in government, to strengthen our security, so that Holocaust survivors and all Jews feel safe to attend community events and services. We will advance Holocaust education, in our commonwealth and across this great country, on behalf of the 6 million souls who were lost. We will research and teach others to stand up for what is right and weaken the bigotry that leads to violence.

This is our promise to Holocaust survivors, the Jewish people and the world. The liberation of Auschwitz was not the end. Rather, it was a reminder that our commitment to a strong and vibrant Jewish future is the core of our life’s work.

Please read our message in the Richmond Times Dispatch linked here and listed below.