Day 2: We Didn't Know.

The impact of the Hamas attack on Israel has reverberated across every individual, location, and sector in the country, transcending religious, racial, and economic boundaries. Today, our journey began with a trip to the North, where we actively assisted a local farmer in caring for their strawberry plants and crops. Typically, this role is fulfilled by foreign workers and Palestinians who receive competitive wages, exceeding what they would earn in their home countries, along with full benefits and social security from Israel. However, since October 7th, the border closure has disrupted these longstanding relationships between farmers and their workers.

This disruption is not isolated but extends throughout Israel, affecting agriculture, technology, service industries, and healthcare. The ongoing war has led to the mobilization of reservists and soldiers, coupled with the understandable closure of borders, resulting in a significant loss of workforce. Volunteer efforts have emerged across the country since October 7th, aiming to address these challenges.

On a side note, the strawberries we worked on today were the most delicious I have ever tasted. These volunteer efforts have blossomed throughout Israel since October 7th.