Jewish Federations of North America - October 15, 2023

October 15, 2023

Key Points

  • Israeli society is displaying unprecedented unity during this war and has come together wiith extensive volunteer efforts and aid from various organizations.
  • Heroic stories are emerging, including a journalist's rescue by his father and a retired couple's ordeal during a 20-hour Hamas hostage situation.
  • The war is impacting Israel's economy, with business limitations and ongoing challenges due to terrorist activity.
  • Arab Israelis struggle with the aftermath of the conflict, as questions on ethical considerations and the proportionality of Israel's response arise.
  • International support for Israel escalates, with the US dispatching additional military aid, and European leaders expressing steadfast support for Israel.
  • Jewish Federations launched a $500 million campaign, offering aid and resources for those affected, while maintaining close collaboration with Israeli authorities and partners on the ground.

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