Jewish Agency for Israel - October 23, 2023

Fund for Victims of Terror:

2,780 grants have been transferred and an additional 1400+ are in process. The FVOT hotline has received more than 2,600 calls.


Emergency Loans:

It was announced to the Israeli media that small businesses in the south can apply for interest-free loans up to 100,000 NIS


Serving Olim:

As of today, 1,475 olim from the south and 733 olim from north have been evacuated to safer locations elsewhere in the country, including central Israel, Eilat and Ein Gedi.

Aliyah continues: We expect around 116 new olim to arrive in Israel this week.


Serving frail seniors in Amigour:

We continue to serve Amigour in dangerous areas. This week, we will provide 3,000 food baskets.



To date, there have been more than 120 rallies in support of Israel, in which our Shlichim took an important role. More than 222,000 attendees in total. Many Shlichim are reporting increases in anti-Semitism as a result of the fall out of the war. We continue to assess every community/campus.