Jewish Agency for Israel - October 18, 2023

Fund for Victims of Terror:

  • 1,552 grants have been transferred and an additional 1,800 are in process (for a total of more than 3,352 cases to date). As more information has been shared with the communities about the FVOT, we expect a significant jump in cases in the coming days.
  • The FVOT Hotline has already received more than 1,360 calls.

Serving Olim (new immigrants to Israel):

  • 1,697 Olim living in our Absorption Centers (mostly Ethiopians, Ukrainians and Russians) have been evacuated.
  • The Jewish Agency for Israel is evacuating Olim from the North, they will be relocated to Eilat (capacity is 800)
  • Lone soldiers in the IDF: we are working with the relevant units to support lone soldiers and provide social workers as needed.

Serving Seniors and Amigour:

  • High possibility of receiving evacuees from the South in some Amigour buildings in the Center of the country.
  • 8,000 food baskets delivered.
  • The buildings are more secured with armed guard. However, not all are.

Youth Villages:

  • Youth villages are hosting evacuees, total of 330 in Nitzana, Ben Yakir and Hadassah Neurim.

Emergency Loans:

  • In partnership with Ogen (Hebrew Free Loan), the Jewish Agency is distributing to small businesses in the South loans up to NIS 100,000 that are interest-free.

Emergency Funding:

  • The Jewish Agency distributed 10 million NIS to local municipalities and regional councils near the Gaza border for immediate assistance to residents that are the most affected.


Link to article with pictures and stories:

Jewish Agency CEO visiting victim of terror:

Jewish Agency Chairman of the Executive visiting Bar-Gil family