12 2016

Network JCFR Whiskey and Wine Tasting: Take 2

8:00PM - 10:00PM  

Contact Jesse Feld

Like we promised this once snowed out event has been rescheduled! Same deal as last time so just cross your fingers for better weather!

Join us as we are hosted by Network JCFR’s own Zach and Aaron Brenner for a whiskey and wine tasting party! 

Drinks will be potluck style, so bring your favorite bottle of either wine or whiskey to share with the group as we learn about everyone’s favorite. JCFR will provide the snacks such as fruit, cheese and crackers, and some delectable desserts. 

We are working with Uber to make sure everyone has a safe ride home, so the night of the event type in “JCFR” when you call the uber and get $5 off the cost of your ride home. 

When you rsvp "going" we will send you the address to the Brenner household. Can't wait to see you there!