16 2017

Network JCFR: MLK Day Mitzvah and Munch

8:30AM - 1:00PM  

Regency Square

Join Network JCFR as we volunteer for the Richmond Entrepreneur's Assistance Program's (REAP) "Walk and Roll" event. After helping with the event, we will head to the Weinstein JCC for the Richmond Jewish Food Festival where you can choose from their many options for a filling lunch. 

Where we will be volunteering:
-registration desk check-in
-card making tables (4 areas) - so help people make cards
-craft areas - same ideas, but cards would go with small gifts for veterans, seniors, etc.
-entertainment area - we need people to help in this area - just welcoming people, helping them set-up and clean-up for their performances.
-raffle table - selling raffle tickets
-vendor assistants - working in support of our vendors - maybe covering their table if they need to go to the rest room or get something to eat.

What is REAP: 
REAP is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive job training to people with disabilities for them to be able to get into the workforce and gain employment as they choose. Our three key messages are:
• REAP helps people with disabilities in marketing and streamlining their products.
• REAP helps people with disabilities in terms of training and support.
• REAP helps people with disabilities in realizing their passion and what they want to do.