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A role model to help  with children¹s nutrition  and so much more

The First lady of the United States tweeted during the Olympics to Aly Raisman, the  Jewish gymnist,  to see what her diet was like to help young people with healthy eating.

Of course, Aly told her she was cheating a little after the grueling gymnastics events were over, but shared her usual healthy diet with Mrs. Obama, to set an example.

There are so many ways in which Aly was a role model to many during the Olympics. After all, the two-time Olympian from Massachusetts was the captain of the USA gymnastics team.  I must have seen hundreds of scenes where she was praising her teammates, giving advice and showing the way for her team. She was the most experienced of her teammates at the ripe old age of 22. 

But more importantly she had the wisdom and temperament to lead her teammates and set the highest mark ever for sportsmanship of an Olympic delegation.  I would have given the gymnastics team a “10” for class.

But think about the microcosm of that small gymnastics delegation. The team consisted of young women from many different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, etc. But they all pulled together and supported each other. That’s the lesson to be learned. We can help each other.  We can support each other.  We can be there for each other in good times and bad.

There also were incidents of bad sportsmanship and behavior directed against the Israeli team. The IOC threw someone out for this behavior.

But when it comes to the gymnastics team we can do nothing but take pride in their accomplishments on the mat and off the mat. In particular we take great pride in Aly Raisman.  

She showed amazing leadership skills.  Her respect for all of her teammates, in the best of American traditions, was there for all to see.  

Good going Aly. Kal Ha’Kavod.

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