CEO August 2017 Update

Learning about our services in Israel and how to tell the story


As Russ Jennings, JCFR Men’s Divsion co-chair, and I are set to depart for the Campaigner’s Mission to Israel July 18-24, we are filled with anticipation. 

We will join 60 other leaders from around North America on this unique mission to learn about Israeli’s history, see and learn about Israeli beneficiary agencies of the JCFR Annual Campaign, and learn first-hand about the politics and people of Israel.

We are scheduled on the first day to begin with a visit to Independence Hall in Tel Aviv where the State of Israel was announced on Independence Day in 1948, and meet with new immigrants to Israel being resettled by the Jewish Agency for Israel. 

We also will meet with at-risk youth and visit the Taglit-Birthright Innovation Center.

On Day 2. We will begin our look Inside Israel at a special American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee program called the Ultra-Orthodox employment program.

After this, we will meet with Holocaust Survivors and discover their creative journeys through photography. The rest of the day will include fundraising workshops taught by Rae Ringel, master development guru consultant for JFNA.

On Day 3.  We will get a briefing on Jewish communities in danger around the world and will continue our training with Rae Ringel.  In addition, we will visit the JAFI Youth Futures Program and visit the School Performance and Community Empowerment program that raises high school matriculation rates for Ethiopian-Israelis.

On Day 4. We will continue our training and then hear from Aluf Benn, editor-in-chief of Ha’aretz, an Israeli independent newspaper. We will finish our day with a visit to the Kotel and celebrate Shabbat in Jerusalem.

On our last day, we will have our final training session with Rae Ringel and other JFNA national leadership to hone our skills as leaders and solicitors.


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