30 2022

Torah Flora Walking Tour of Louis Ginter Botanical Garden

10:00AM - 11:30AM  

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
1800 Lakeside Ave.
Richmond, VA 23228

$ Cost $ 10.00

A guided tour of the plants in the Botanical Garden and the surprising stories of their importance and meaning in Torah and Jewish history. Biblical and Talmudic botanist Dr. Jon Greenberg, author of TorahFlora.org, will explain why the olive-oil menorah replaced an earlier symbol for Chanukah; where Moses got the huge boards to build the Tabernacle; why bananas replaced parsley on some seder plates, and many more puzzles that can be solved by a partnership of science and Torah. Fruits of Freedom, Dr. Greenberg's Torah Flora Hagadah with botanical commentary, will be available for purchase. The fee for this event is $10 (cash only, please) in addition to the Garden admission fe.

Sponsor: TorahFlora.org