5 2020

"Saving Israel" The Little-Known Story of Heroic American Aviators

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Military Aviation Museum 1341
Princess Anne Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23457

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Boaz Dvir, an award-winning nonfiction storyteller and Penn State professor, will discuss his book “Saving Israel: The Unknown Story of Smuggling Weapons and Winning a Nation’s Independence” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020). This 320-page book, which tells the little-known story of World War II aviators who risked their lives and freedom in 1947-49 to prevent what they viewed as an imminent second Holocaust, provides insight into:


The current Middle Eastern conflict. The book gives context for readers to better understand the strong opposition to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposal to annex the Jordan Valley in the West Bank.

The need for American innovation. In his review of “Saving Israel,” Defense and Foreign Affairs Editor Gregory R. Copley wrote, “The book, written in a journalistic style, tells a tale which not only is educational about the formation of Israel and the age into which it was born, but about the role which innovation and creativity can play in the saving of any society during a period of existential crisis. It is about how people discover their identity—which is usually in times of crisis—and how they can act to preserve that identity to create anew.” “Saving Israel” follows “A Wing and a Prayer,” Dvir’s PBS documentary about this secret, illegal operation.


This webinar event will include about an hour long lecture and 30 minute Q&A session with Boaz Dvir.


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