17 2019

Friendship Circle & JCFR Inclusivity Training

8:00AM - 1:00PM  

Friendship Circle & JCFR Inclusivity Day:

RVA Jewish Community Organizations Inclusion Training
For Professionals, Staff, and Lay Leaders
● Date: Morning - January 17th
● Location: Weinstein JCC Auditorium, 5403 Monument Ave.
● Time:
○ 8-9:30am: Breakfast Keynote for Richmond Jewish Community Professional and Lay Leaders
■ Please encourage your lay leaders to attend this breakfast
○ 9:45am-1:00pm : Training workshop and working lunch for organization professionals
● Keynote Address & Training by Shelly Christensen
■ What makes a Jewish community inclusive? Shelly Christensen will identify the keys to
belonging and inclusion, setting the foundation for the day. How does Judaism create
the lens in which to view inclusion? What are the obstacles and the opportunities in our
organizations? How does belonging differ from inclusion, and how can we incorporate
both in practical and meaningful ways?