18 2021

Congregation Brith Achim CASE - Children's Awesome Service Experience

Congregation Brith Achim is working with the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond to hold innovative services for children ages 5-10. The services will be on select Saturday mornings, in parallel with our adult services. The first in-person service will be on September 18. We will introduce, teach and perform core prayers each service. We will teach some Hebrew at each service. We will cover the current Torah portion. But we will wrap these in fun, multimedia activities and incentives!

Each service will include videos and songs from Jewish recording artists. Each service will have games and contests to reinforce content. Children can earn prizes at and between services to keep them motivated and their memories fresh. The services will be accompanied by other novel activities that will be memorable and noteworthy.
Services will be held both at our building, simulcast on Zoom and made available for later download. Reservations are required to attend in-person services and parents must remain on-site during services. On certain Saturday's only Zoom services will be available, so check our Facebook page!

Sponsor: Congregation Brith Achim, Jewish Community Federation of Richmond