17 2014

Beth-El Simchat Torah Honors Luncheon

12:00PM - 2:00PM  

Temple Beth-El Social Hall 3330 Grove Ave.
Richmond, VA 23221

Contact Jayne Sklon
804-355-3564 X104

The practice of honoring members of a congregation by designating them as Hatan or Kallah Torah (Bridegroom or Bride of the Torah) and Hatan or Kallah Bereshith (Bridegroom or Bride of the Beginning) stems from medieval Judaism. The custom of honoring a Hatan or Kallah Maftir (Bridegroom or Bride of the Prophetic Message) was also established to honor an outstanding individual for conspicuous services rendered to the Jewish community or the Synagogue. Please join us and the honorees (TBA) for this luncheon.