6 2021

Weinstein JCC Adolf-Adams JCC Forum

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Weinstein JCC 5403 Monument Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226

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Adolf-Adams JCC Forum presents The Tale of the Tee
In conversation with B.K. Fulton and Jonathan Blank

Tale of the Tee is about how truth and honest conversation allows ordinary people to become the change they seek. B.K. Fulton and Jonathan Blank did not know each other prior to June 14, 2020. Then, after a series of e-mails and acts of kindness, the two men, one African American and one Jewish, began a chain of e-mails and interactions that have resulted into an extraordinary friendship. This book captures the events that sparked a brotherhood. The two men now carry a memento, a golf tee, to symbolize their bond and the work they must continue to do to advance civil society. The Tale of the Tee teaches us that small acts can have lasting ripple effects.

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